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Todays World News And Politics

December 10, 2010

Today’s World News

Special Reports

Chicago braced for more Nato summit protests – BBC News

Some demonstrators laid down near the building in a mock “die-in”, although barricades blocked off the building and police officers stood nearby. Activists also protested in front of President Barack Obama’s……. read more

Today’s Latest Commentaries

The Tea Party Movement « Today’s World News And Politics

From the beginning of the Tea Party movement, I have had my concerns about where they stand exactly, outside of calling themselves “constitutionalists”. The Tea Party members slogan is to return America to the constitution. Now As far I know, the constitution is still in effect. But one of the problems with the constitution is how undefinable the interpretation is, in parts of the language……. Read more

Gas Commodities And Income « Today’s World News And Politics

Rising gas prices and commodities such as food and basic household needs have far surpassed what some congressman call “a concern” for many across the country. With the lack of jobs….. Read more

Why Worry About The Budget Deficit? « Today’s World News And Politics

In the media this past month, congress and the White House have battled about cuts to the deficit. The deficit is what we are spending as a nation over our countries fiscal budget. The deficit is approximately 1.5 trillion dollars over the fiscal budget target. Should this be a concern for our country?  Well of course, this country should not have a budget deficit. And yet they are keeping Americans in the dark concerning the cuts and to what programs. Congress mismanaged the budget and we pay the price……….. Read more


Learn How Today’s News And Politics Fit Into Prophecy

World School Of Prophecy And News Events

World School Of Prophecy And News Events – WSOPNE Is A Free Online Bible Study School Teaching Family Values, Faith, Prophecy, News And Politics That Reflects The Hour In Which We Live

How Does America Fit In Prophecy? This Months featured Lesson

The Mystery About Babylon Intro | World School Of Prophecy And News Events

In this Series we will explore who and where Babylon The Great truly is. And Who It Is Not! There is many smart, intelligent and educated people who get lost in book of Revelation, without using any other scriptures on the subject….. Read More

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